Lately I have been working on putting a bunch of my songs into guitar pro so I can write second guitar parts and drums, etc.

I cant get a lot of the riff's to sound right and at the end of bars there will be big delays etc.

I think a lot of it is like time signatures and stuff like that but I dont really know exactly what those settings do.

I am self taught and have always just used tab so I have no clue how to read/write sheet music and a lot of the timing theory etc. I have always just gotten the tab and got the timing down listening to the sound or figured it out myself.

The last few weeks I have been working a lot on learning theory but so far nothing I have gone through really covered stuff like this.

What would you recomend learning and possibly provide a good order to learn them in to help write music with guitar pro.

If i remember how I leant it all (a long long time ago) I think just buy a good book explaining it all. It's really not as hard as some people might think once youve got it. Order I lernt
Notes on the staff/scales
note lenghts (eg crotchet, minum)
Time signatures
and then thats really just the basics, it gets more difficult from there but its probably not necissary for what you want. So my advice is get a book or find a good internet site that someone can suggest.
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Any books or sites you would suggest?

I dont plan on trying to learn too much theory at once, I really should have done it years ago but now im slowly reading through a lot of stuff at work until I get a good grasp on it before I move on. Eventually I would like to know enough theory to be able to write full songs in guitar pro (guitars, keyboards, drums, anything crazy and metal ) so that I can have stuff ready for when jamming with people, basically toss them the file, learn this, then we dont have to spend the time teaching each other songs when we jam.
William Leavitt: A modern method for guitar (volume 1) is THE first book I recommend to people! Teaches you how to read notation, which includes note length! (and basically teaches how to write it also, though this came to me natural and is not really explained in the book). Also teaches some keys, by saying the amount of sharps/flats needed and some basic positions of it!
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" Beginners guide to music theory " in the lessons section under basics/beginners I can't remember which. It taught me more music theory ( on the compositional side ) than music at school ever did.
AB music theory books are awesome, easy to learn from imo. tho they do focus a lot on sheet music, but i think that can be a good thing.

maybe post some theory questions on here? people on this forum do know their stuff and are keen to teach :-)
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Any books or sites you would suggest?

www.musictheory.net seems pretty good for all of your basic sheet music reading - including note lenghts and time sigs (which seems like your main problem - getting the music to fit the bar)
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www.musictheory.net seems pretty good for all of your basic sheet music reading - including note lenghts and time sigs (which seems like your main problem - getting the music to fit the bar)

Thanks, that site seems pretty good.

I am definitly starting to get it, I can write most of the same riffs I did before that would show the bars as being incomplete or too long.

One question I still dont get that someone may be able to explain would be with all the different types of notes, like quarter, eights, etc. How do you know what the tempo of the actual song should be?

I dont really get the difference between having something with a higher tempo to a lower tempo, right now I basically just use whatever notes sound right.