hi guys,

next week my CUBE-30 and Ibanez GRG170dx will be delivered so i'm one step closer to be a rockstar

anyway, i start practising and i get better and better and better.. and..

what do you suggest in a year or a few years.. i save up for gear i would not change ever or i save a bit less for better gear and later on for 'the ultimate gear'


crap gear -> ultimate gear


crap gear -> better then crap but not ultimate -> ultimate gear
"Reward it Found"
^ Lol... your avatar always makes me giggle... dunno why

I don't even know you!
Crap>ultimate ,but when you get the ultimate you absolutely HAVE to know what you want!
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The gear you're going to need will depend on where you go. If you're going to stay in your bedroom then there's no need to have a thousand pound guitar imo.

If you join a band then you're obviously going to want to get the best of everything, and that will largely be down to what type of music you play etc.

You don't say how long you've been playing for but I get the impression from your post that you're just starting out. In that case the gear you've purchased will serve you well through your 'learning' stages.

If I were you I'd stick with that and wait and see where it takes you and how you develop.

Good luck, have fun and enjoy it.