the story is i was talking to a guy from my local guitar shop the other day and exaplining that the although the clean on the peavey classic 50 is gorgeous, the distortion sound is pretty crappy. In response to this he told me to try using a boss od distortion pedal to produce extra boost to the sound but without loosing the tonal quality of the valves.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this technique and exactly how it works. would using this technique not mean u only get the normal sound ud get from the pedal? Would it not also mean that u would have to turn off both distortions to get any kind of clean sound?

Thanx alot
The overdrive would add more gain and volume to the signal, and push the valves harder, giving that extra boost, and this way usually sounds great if the overdrive channel on the amp is good too.

And yea, to get a clean sound, you'll have to switch both amp overdrive and pedal overdrive off, but that's not a hard thing to do....
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