I've decided to switch over from the SS side, and get a tube amp. I want a versitile amp, and I heard the Traynor ycv20 is pretty versitile. This seems like the amp for me. All I have to do it play it.

Now, I know I'll need a pedal to get some high gain to play some metal.

I play all kinds of music, from classic rock, to hard rock, to punk rock, pop rock, metal you get it.

If I get a pedal, could I use it on the overdrive channel to boost the overdrive, or do you have to use them on the clean channel? Is it possible to get extreme distortion or overdrive with the Traynor and a pedal?

I have no experience in pedals, so sorry for my lack of knowledge.
If you get an overdrive pedal with q a bit of gain, you could probably get the sound you want on the overdrive channel of the amp with the pedal.
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