Right, here's another new guitar question, but i need a hand here. I'm currently running a GRG170DX, with a Dimarzio evo in the bridge, but I'm selling it on, and almost definitely going to get the RG320fm. Anyone own this guitar? Id so, how has it stood the test of time and gigging. Also, any similar alternatives before i buy this? (£300ish). Last thing, what upgrades do you reckon would go nicely into it, once i have the cash, new pickups, trem, etc. Help me out folks.
I dunno about the Edge III on those man. Its shakky and Ibanez made it out of cheap metal. If you're very very lucky you'll get a good one, but i doubt that it will hold its tuning for 2 years or a year even.

Some other alternatives? save up real good and get an Edge Pro, or buy a 2nd hand RG570 or anything that has Edge, Edge Pro, Lo-Pro Edge or ZR bridge. The S470 is also a good guitar and has very reliable trem, but try them out 1st, i heard that the hardwares are quite loose.
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These babys are ace! they have a ZR trem which is literally unbrakeable! (unless your me)
great axe for rock, metal, blues, shred, ANYTHING!! its a lil' over your budget (400 ish) but i think on the internet you can get em for 350, so try this baby out! you say your up north so if your anywher near huddersfield try GTR in huddersfield as they have 3 in stock! so yer try this and i bet oyu will love it!
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If you're gonna go RG, make sure you get 5xx plus... I have the RG1570 and i love it, probably is a little over 300 pounds, but a used 570 would be great (from what ive heard the 1570 and 570 are very similar)..
Difference between the RG1570 and the RG570 is that the RG570 has Super Wizard Neck and Edge bridge. And duh, the color... also the pickups too, RG570 uses IBZUSA Vs
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
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seriously whats up and wasting money on a low end guitar and putting in pickups on it. LoL!

Save up seriously, and wait, dont just say omfg that guitar looks cool and sounds cool (ignorantly), and than you go waste 300 and even tho you can save up maybe 200-300 more you couldve gotten a ibanez s470, rg5xx, etc......
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