I know this should belong to the guitar gear and accessories forum,but i think i'll get better response in here because you guys know more about gear electricity .

Anyway,not long ago i bought a Digitech metal master pedal (it rocked Btw),until one day i stupidly messed it up,i tried linking the 9v rechargable battery charger to the battery poles in the pedal (such a great idea eh?),and since then it's just dead,lying like a brick in my room.

i tried opening it up to fix it (!) but had no idea what to do.
im not going to send it out to factory,cuz it's just going to be a big waste of money and time,it's too far away from here.

so what im asking is :

- can it be revived ?
- will it work if i bought the adapter and used it ?

peace \m/
Sounds like you fried the circuits.

Best bet is to take it to an electrics repair shop.
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