My Gear:
Peavey 5150 AMP
TC Electronic GMajor Guitar Multi-Effects Processor
Marshall 4x12 JCM 900 1960a cabinet

Im gonna sell my marshall 1960a that i currently use with my peavey 5150 amp,
i dont like the cab couse i think the bass sounds to muddy and sloppy, ive read that the celestion V30 speakers is really good for metal music and i play music like Freak Kitchen, Dream Theater, In Flames and Evergrey.

Ive decided to buy a mesa 4x12 rectifier standard cab or a mesa 4x12 rectifier traditional cab, i have no experience with these 2 and could anyone help me wich one sounds the best for the kind of music i play and should i pick straight or slant cab?
lol Ive got a 5150 playing through a mesa recto 412 cab and Ive got a great sound, i can get from maiden to DT to Nile. I can give you a recording tommorow/ trust me you will be satisfied.
Ps get a slant