I'm getting my first guitar soon, and I found a great deal for a Westfield E2000 SG copy. Just wondering, how good is it? Better than, say, a Squier Strat?
westfields are pretty crap, how much money do you have to spend?
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I happen to have just bought a westfieid E2000, and i like it. I think it is a good guitar, but there are better out there. If it is cheap enough, go ahead, you can upgrade in the future

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Got one - played it through the same amp as a PRS - same sound. Good guitar but a bit top heavy - get a good wide strap. It's better than a Squier but, like with any guitar, make sure you get a good amp/effects. That's where most of your sound is coming from.
Amp? It's my first guitar, I don't have one yet! I found a great deal, you get the guitar, a 10W amp, cable, strap, tuner, a tutorial book, and a gig bag. £149, it's pretty good I reckon!