Demo Only - Rock and Roll

I havent recorded or played anything for a couple of months.

Anyway, after sitting down for 15 monutes i came up with this, its not very well thought out (i.e solo) but i just wanted to get it recorded as not to forget it.

Take a listen, any ideas welcome.

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nice!!!!!!! i like it alot you should get drums in their or something and bass, but it sounds great!

10/10 from me, pretty organzied lol good good
Add a link, and more people will hear it.. :p

It sounds ok though, not my idea of rock'n'roll, but whatever.
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well if it comes with pick, I say get it!
amazing. i just learnt to play the heavens door teacher from some book. great improvisation! =] better than the original GnR one! il give you that! =]
It was pretty good. The tone was a little grating. I dont know if you were going for that or not but as far as the music goes it was nice.

I also listened to your song 'Iris' I liked it alot. It sounded very Nick Drake-ish in the beggining. Youve got a pretty good voice.
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I dont like death metal, I just see it as a bunch of hairy men playing the same riff over and over again exetremely fast.