i am filling in for the lead player of a different band next saturday and i will be forced to use my **** amp.
when i mic it, the treble is always too harsh. even on a setting like
Treb: 3
Bass: 6-8
it is somewhat harsh and doesn't cut through well. but i can't raise the mid or else it sounds like rats ass (even in a band situation)

any ideas? thanks.

and more replies to my other thread please the one called "My Idea.."
why are you forced to use your ****ty one?
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well if you have a presence control try that, or you can use the neck pickup. Also you might wanna lookit what kinda mic your usin... if its really ****ty then that can happen, also move the mic closer to you cone cuz this adds bass a few db. Hope this helps. if its not cutting thru, then try turning your distortion down ( i assume your usin some ) and your volume up. if your clean, i dont really know how to help, then just crank it!!
okay, well itll be mic'ed with what has always sounded good to me, just like most others. a Shure SM57. and i usually place the mic about an inch away at an angle about a centimeter below the center of the cone (meaning. its at an angle, a cm below if you get that)

when i poiint the mic directly at the center of the cone it gets harsh. ill try again though & adjust the mixer settings since ill be at the place before showtime

as to why im forced to use my **** amp, its because if you've read my other thread i am looking to buy two preamps and a poweramp for diff. sounds so for some funds i sold my old head because the preamps would be a million times better soundtone.
and im at that point in between purchasing something.

EDIT: i use my bridge pickup for everything but certain solos, and most clean parts.
well if its going through i mixer, you could try to drop the trebles through the mixer.

Also i dont know if the speaker could be contributing to the trebly sound but if it is you could take the back off the combo (again assuming its a combo) and then unplug the cable going into the speaker and plug it into one of your cabs and see if that makes a difference.
hmm.. i could try that 'thesumoftwo' and i play with the back off much of the time anyway it sounds better to me. i guess ill try it with it on also.

so yeah, ill do that now and tell you guys what i think. O_O
kay i tried it with the back. it seemed to digital sounding and boomy,
it is SS so it wont sound all that great, but its not AS crap with it off.
Hmmm...mics can be screwy. You can try different positions and angles and distances all day but I think your best bet would just be to adjust the mixer settings