For those who are experience. But when you bar when doing triples, most harder stuff, metal stuff mainly barring the top 3 strings usually, or just open. But anyways, when doing so the correct form is down, up, down but at a high speed. When doing it do any of you guys change your pick motion. I mean kinda like doing sweep picking. Push the strings down, then point the pick to the ground and put the strings up when doing the up motion.
That's different. When you alter your picking pattern to reach different strings it's called economy picking. If it comes fast I would sweep it or play down, down, up if I should turn it.
Either sweep/economy pick it, or just alternate pick it if you prefer. I'd tend to alternate pick licks like that, but its all personal preference and you can pick either. Oh, and for the record, a triplet is when you play 3 notes within the space of one quarter/8th or 16th note, not playign 3 different strings in a row.
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