Screw with my neck? I tried last time but I didnt think about it so I tuned back to normal tuning soon after, but yeah..I have .10's on my Strat, and I was wondering if it could do any damage.
It shouldnt
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I think you should be fine - if it were anything more drastic then you might've had to use the truss rod to counter the neck bow. Try it and see what happens.
^Because the tension of the strings gets altered and the neck could get warped, you 'spanner'.

Half a step down isn't much of a change, so it won't in this case.
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why the hell would it u spanner? everyone uses drop tunings.

Stevie Ray Vaughan, did not. And seeing I'm learning his song Pride and Joy, it would be nice if I could be in the same tuning as his.

Thanks, everyone.
it wont. and you arent a spanner thats a decent questions. i have seen instances where it has messeed the neck up when somebody tuned down but that was a coincidence. i have a guitar that i keep in drop c at all times and it hasnt messed the neck up.
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Seriously, it wont crack your neck or anything, it fine.
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