Yo, I've been playin since February, but on the song "Can't Stop" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, i can't seem to get the finger-picking done fast enough without error. Is there any techniques i should practice, or just play the song over and over?
i think your trying to do it, way to fast (tmepo wise) slow down uuntil you can get it perfect, then gradually speed it up until you can play it right. Also try to let loose, i find playing liek that sometimes easier, espicially with funkish riffs

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ya use a pick, more accurate, plus gets that sharper sound u need for can't stop.
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Ya i do use a pick, but i was multi-tasking and used the wrong term. I meant i cant use my left hand fast enough to the pace of the song.
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there shouldnt be too much fretting hand movement, or at least there isnt the way i play. what you need to do is slow it down until it is at a speed you can play. practice it at this slower tempo while staying in time. as you get confident, speed it up and practice more. keep doing this until you get up to speed. its all about practice and starting slow.
You're not playing it correctly if your finger picking it, or if you're picking it for that matter. To get the sound he has, he strums it. What you need to do fret the proper note, and "rest" your fretting hand so it's muting the rest of the strings. Thus when you strike all 6 strings, the only one that should sound is the one you fretted to begin with. Catch my drift? I position my hand so my index is on the begining of the riff (the first low note on the A string), but my middle finger and pinky are resting above ready to hit those two high notes that stay the same throughout the riff. So my left hand is fretting and muting the rest of the strings for the first two notes, then I lift off slightly on that one, while pushing down with my middle finger to sound that note. Keep in mind your index is still ready to go again and your hand is still muting the rest of the strings from "laying" on them. From there hopefully you get an idea of the hand positions where you can figure out the rest. If you need me to still explain the rest of the riff let me know but that's the key.