Hi all,

Iv been thinking about buying a new guitar i was considering either an Fender or a Epiphone Les Paul. And after reading some of the threads im kind of siding towards the Fender (i'll probobly get just a Strat Standard or whatever takes my fancy).

But heres the thing, i already own a Squire Affinity from whay back when i first started (it cost about £100) and i still play it from time to time and its still good. In the years between iv bought Yamahas and Ibanezes but now i want another Fender or Les Paul.
Iv heard some people say that when they have picked up another Fender Strat theyv said they dont notice a huge amount of difference to a Squire. To be honest what is the differene? i know the materials will be different such as the wood and pups but that wont make a big improvement on a Squier will it accept for a bit less feed back.

So heres what i need help on, should i buy ANOTHER Fender or a Les Paul?
Also dont suggest an Ibanez to me, i already have, and dont say
"choose by yourself", iv thought about this and i want some opinions.

in terms of "pick me up and feel me" the squier feels very similar to a fender, as the fit and finish on them is sometimes quite good, but the problem is that the wrong materials are being fitted and Finished! tone wise a good fender will own the best squier BY FAR

what you should buy depends on what you play

I think it should be a rule that you have to include what you play in your "what guitar" threads from now on....
Have you ever tried a fender? Perhaps it's the same shape, but tone and construction-wise there's quite a difference. Although a strat is probably one of the simplest guitars to build, strats which aren't Fender tend to suck (perhaps due to copyright laws). A real strat just has a much clearer, responsive, more professional sounding overall tone. It's hard to describe, but you'll hear the difference.

On the other hand, if you already have a strat and an Ibanez, I'd suggest you try a Les Paul. It has a very different harmonic range to the other guitars, and it's good to have a variety of different axes for all purposes.
The materials are all higher quality on the Fender

It's basically all the small things add up, and create a guitar much better. The hardware stays in tune better, the neck is 10x better, and the finish is more/less equal but the body's wood is better, and the tone is better.

The guitar you should get depends on the money you're willing to spend, and the tone you want.
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Okay, I used to work in a guitar store so I'll tell you what I've been told the difference is. Also, having played both I'll give you my impressions. My manager told me the main difference is in the wood. On a fender the wood is more expensive and so it resonates better. More resonation = bigger warmer sound. Essentally the squier gives you a very "tinny" sound. Also it is not as full of sound. Essentally the squier is very "empty" sounding. Now from personal experiance the squier does not feel as nice to play. a fender tends to have a looser more organic feel whereas the squier is very rigid and stiff. This may simply be because the action is not as finely tuned on a squier as it is on a fender. None the less the way a fender plays is a world of difference. If you play a squier and like it you should try a fender. Its one of the easiest guitars to play and solo on. This coming from a guy that has probably tried at least 3 guitars from every maker. I guess thats the privildge of working in a guitar store. My advice, go play a few guitars and form your own opinion. I hope this helps
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If you really want to know the difference. Look behind the faceplate and compare the electronics to an American strat. Forget about the wood. The electronics and pickups are where Squiers really suck. But they can be modded and sound like or better than American Strats.
LP all the way
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If you already have a Squier, you might want to try out an LP - the difference between a Fender and a Les Paul will be way bigger than between a Fender and a Squier... On the subject of comparing Fender vs Squier, the best thing you can do is try both on same amp settings in a store or whatever, and see for yourself if the difference is worth it.
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Really, the only good squier out there is the master series esprit. it runs 700+ but is def worth it. Anything else id tell you to just save a few more pennies and take a fender over it.

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The feel of a Fender Strat is orgasmic after experiencing such a long time playing with a beginner Strat copy, trust me. As is the tone.
The only problem with Fender Strats for me is that they only have 21 frets which is what is stopping me from making that my next guitar.
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Quote by JerrySeinfeld
21? I thought most guitars came in 22 or 24

They do. But Fender MexiStrats only have 21.

...That's part of why I paid more and got a Lite Ash strat over a Standard.
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get an LP, but if your budget is 400 you wont get anything great, but the Epi G-400's are very nice

Epiphone Les Paul Standard-$380
Epihone LP Standard Plain Top-$399
Epiphone G-400-$399

Three great guitars for under $400. Quit talking out of your ass. All of them can be modded to be excellent guitars.
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Washburn WI14 Electric
Washburn D10s Acoustic
Marshall MG100HDFXR Special Edition
Marshall MG412AR Special Edition

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^Xenn is my favorite MG owner EVAR.

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