ive played guitar for about 3 years the wrong way... i just picked it up and played it without actually "learning" it. i just bought 3 books and videos that teaches u the basics and i cannot get it! im thinking about getting lessons but i dunno. can sumone help ???
well all i have been doing when i play is learning tabs from other bands. i havent really learned any basics (except for all the chords). i wanna write sum music but since i dont kno basics its pretty hard lol
a little. all i know is pentatonics. i dont know how to form them into songs that good tho
Here's a link to a music theory lesson that's really helpful, but also rather long, so take it in small doses because at first music theory can be difficult to grasp, and if you have any other questions about theory, you can go to the "Musicians Talk" forum. Naything else you need help with?
nah. ty u for the advice. i just gotta work hard to get it without sumone teaching me lol
Being "stuck" is mostly a matter of not knowing what and how to practice.
The first thing you have to know, is that progress doesn't happen overnight.
You have to have some discipline and at first some faith, that doing scales
and other "boring" exercises the right way will allow you to progress really

"Stuck" can also be that your technique is inadequate for the type of things
you want to play. For that and how to practice go to www.guitarprinciples.com.

Theory is fundamental to being able to improvise, but if you fingers don't work
right, you can't actually implement the theory on the guitar.
Well, yeah.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but people don't use the "Search" button.
Similar questions have been answered a million times before.

Also, that site WILL help them solve problems like this. So, I can try and
paraphrase stuff I've learned from there in a lngthy post (which sometimes
I do), or just point them there which is much easier.