Ok I own a wizard and love it and have finally found some specs on it and it appears the Agile slim taper is thinner at 1st fret and only 1mm thicker at 12th. I know it doesnt have the access the Ibanez does but its thinner and not as wide across the fret wire also? I ask b/c Im ordering an Agile just not sure which one.

Anybody own one and can compare it to a wizard for shape, feel, etc?

wizard : 18mm / 20mm
Agile: 17mm / 21mm
nut width is also thinner 1.625 inches vs. 1.692 inches on teh Ibanez wizard
Damn Americans and not learning metric system^^
yeah man i was looking at ordering the same model but I dont know how the neck is. I've heard that even the normal Agile's necks are thinner then Gibsons.
Has anybody here tried both of an epiphone les paul classic, and an AL 3000? I was playing a epiphone classic today and i liked the the neck size, and want to know how it compares to a normal AL 3000.
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