Is there such a thing as a 'clean' pedal, the clean on my amp is attrocious but my distortion is too good to give up.
acoustic simulation maybe?
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Add a Chorus pedal adn a bti of reverb. That usually cleans up the clean a tad bit. also it could be time for a rebias and tube change
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nope, sadly there isn't.

try getting an different amp for diff. sounds?
thats what im doing, im looking into two amps, one for crunch, and one for clean/highgain.
^ actually that might work, i didn't think of it

the chorus and reverb would help but i dont know. just not for me, you may like something different
i like the pure clean sound.
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Is there such a thing as a 'clean' pedal, the clean on my amp is attrocious but my distortion is too good to give up.

What about the clean do you not like?

If its just boring, flat, no tone, Eq, chorus or reverb should help it. If its kinda buzzy and annoying a Noise Supressor might help.
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I have heard of my friend talking about a pedal he has which removes the gain.

Could just of been his amp's footswitch, but I'm not sure.
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^probably LOL, or it's a volume pedal, but that won't fix your already "clean" sound
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Apparently the Acoustic Simulators that Boss makes a really good at getting super clean sounds.
or you can get a multi fx processor that has acoustic simulatrion or leik fender blackface (lei mien does) s9impluation, and the clean sounds actualyl really good. much better than the distortion off the pedal
no, dont get multi effects, and dont get an acoustic simulator. none will make a substantial difference. look into reverb, or chorus.
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When you like play anything more than a single string it sounds like ass, it just sound like the amp blew. There is no tone or anything. I'll get a sound clip tomorrow.
Do you have a bad amp?
I know the little practice amp I started on is horrible for anything but full gain OD, and it still sounds terrible at that.
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Its a Peavey studio pro 112. Even though I play through the Spider II (the clean sucks on that too).
Fender amps are famous for clean. Maybe look into one of those for a clean sound?
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NO FENDERS! I dont want to base my guitar playing on clean. I play metal but the clean on my amp is just horrible, I just want to clean it up a bit/lot.
Try out a chorus, bring your amp and guitar and try out a couple choruses and acoustic sims and eqs. Buy whichever one you like best ( or whichever combo)
You sure it's your amp ? What kind of guitar you play ? What pickups are you using ?

I wouldn't suggest using a chorus to sweeten your tone unless you specifically want a chorus effect. Chorus != clean. At least not in my opinion. If you're totally unsatisfied with your cleans and using a different guitar or pickups either isn't an option or it really doesn't help then an EQ between your guitar and amp is probably your best bet. Adding reverb and chorus will only muffle and hide a bad tone .. and make it sound a lot wetter .. they don't do anything to make a bad tone better.