This was the first song my band EVER played together and that was 5 years ago (freshmen in high school,) we ended up breaking up for awhile (singer went to the Marine Core, I went to a different college, etc.) and now we put this together in one take just to relive some old memories.

The real critiques I'm looking for is on the overall blend of the sound, I know it's not mixed very well but any critique on any song we do is worthwhile. Thanks

pretty good man, instruments sounds good, vocals arent bad, they're pretty good
i enjoyed it
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I think the drums are actually mixed pretty well, hearing your voice i think you could nail this song, its sounds like your holding back on some parts cause your afraid of what a drawn out note sounds like, , just have some confidence singing this cause its not bad as it is, i think you could get this song really well by the sound, but everything sounds pretty good 7-8 /10
the vocals are alright? dude the vocals are great the whole song was fricken awesome i liked it alot good job dude! 10/10
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No offense but 1) you need to learn how to sing, this is coming from a person who has been having vocal lessons for years. 2) Are you a country music lover or what? I have never heard anything more country sounding in a hard rock song cover, since some ****er did a cover of Aerosmiths "Don't Want To Miss A Thing".

I only listened to the first two lines, and honestly, the first note you hit is off, and it sounds like a country song.