We're a very young band that is just now being reformed (we started about 5 years ago as freshmen in high school) after going seperate ways for awhile. This was the first song we laid down (down in roughly 30 minutes total) and it is completly unmixed. ANY criticism is worthwhile. Thanks

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Pretty good for an unmixed recording.

I really like the guitar at the beginning. It was really calming and set the motion for the song. When it picked up pace it was still pretty good, but I think that it could have gone a little heavier with it for more contrast. The drums sounded great though.

The vocals weren't my favorite. Maybe it's just because it was a rough recording, but I'll comment on it anyway. Pretty much EVERY syllable was emphasized, and it should be every other one, so it flows and sounds like normal speech. There was kind of a throaty sound at the beginning of the words, too. I would suggest going quieter to get a better quality.

The lyrics were actually really good. Some of it I couldn't understand, but from what I understand it's great.

Great job.
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