The government denies ever telling us or anyone else a lie.
HA HA HA! I find that pretty damn funny.
It doesn't matter to them as long as they're still making and wasting out money.
-To us it isn't just all about the money, that's not what our wars from long ago were fighting for.
It was for freedoms of inocent people.
Sliders for our country to make it right.
Then it goes on, for ever unfair law.
The people spoke of what they knew and what they saw.
-Once realized, it was taken care of.
Soliders who sacraficed their lives.
They fought as long as theycould survive.
Now another war has came.
Bush decides one place to blame.
Once they find some information they keep it all to them'self.
Lending it to no-1-else.
With that they on think they were the ones that did it.
-They find only one to judge.
And of course they will always hold a grudge.
They let people die just to blow the hell out of them.
They never told us Bush used to buy oil off them.
Soon as he was president he's gets a lot of money.
Now that he's so rich, to him buying it was juz plain funny.
We found out and it wasn't so damn funny.


Sorry this 1 is so bad. I can't find my awesome 1'z. Well, to myself they're awesome.
It's not very good. It sounds like you've just jumped on the "let's bash George Bush" bandwagon, there's no real feeling or emotion to it, it sounds more like you're whining about it instead of writing poetry.

Thus sayeth the Lord.