wanna what's wrong if my guitar....when i play solo it will give a buzzing sound wonder what happen??help pls(any tips to keepmy guitar from give the buzzing sound..pls)
where is the buzzing? the amp, the strings, you have to be a little more specific
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Well I think you might be describing fret buzz. The only thing you can do about it is raise your action. Nothing complicated. But then again you could just learn to live with it.
yeah it's the string buzzing...how am i suppose to do the trust rod adjustment??(don't know how..could u explain it to me..)--me a new kid who want to master the guitar..sorry to if annoying u all...anyway thnx for the reply...
dont be youre cool, i know little to none about guitars anyway, but where you tune the strings, down on the head there is normally a place with a tool where you can adjust it, take it into any local guitar shop and if theyre nice theyll do it real cheap, if not free.

its about a 5 minute procedure, and it should fix the buzzing, but make sure your action isnt jacked.

(action = how easy it is to push down on the strings) didnt know if you knew that or not.