did you play the instruments? a lot of them sound hella fake, especially the drums. Bad mix or something too, every time a cymbol hits it like getting blasted with napalm and not in a good way.

Everything gets way too muddy, also the guitar pick scratch thing just did not work.

The song however, is pretty good, quite catchy.

I say, take out the organy thing, fix the sound quality, take out the pickscratches, and itll be pretty cool.

Also the solo was pretty terrible, very sloppy, bad bends, unsure of where to go, and mediocre tone.

crit ?
Not too bad. I agree with PooKoo though, some of the instruments sounded kind of fake. Maybe try to be a little more loose with it, if they're real. If they're fake, then get a drummer.

I don't understand German, but the vocals sounded pretty good. Maybe spit out the constonants a little more?
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thanks guys, yeah i've been searching for a drummer but i cant really find one...umm which song do you want me to crit pookoo?
edit: any idea what kind of fill i could use instead of the pick scratches?