alright... as of now, I'm only playing guitar in my bedroom, I'm not in a band yet or anything but I plan to be soon... and I also plan on buying SEVERAL effects.. and I want a power supply to all of them without worrying about batteries going dead when I'm (hopefully oneday) playing onstage. if you have say, 5-7 effects, distortion, wah, EQ, chorus, reverb, volume, octave, phaser, flanger, and all that goodness, how would you go about plugging it all in? is the only way to make sure they all have decent batteries before you plan on playing?
try a power brick, i think boss or mxr makes them. they have a daisy chain of plugs and each one goes to a different pedal. and you also say 5-7 effects then list 9. maybe you wanna proofread.
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lol oops, one of these days im gonna have to learn how to count

and I think this is what you're talking about so I want to know a few things about how it works. Do plug in the brick itself to a single 18V power ? Also, what do you use to connect the pedals to the output on the brick?