If you noticed the "Dreadnought vs. Garett" thread that was up for a while .. this is the same song that I competed against Jon with.

Anyway this recording is quite different. The song is exactly the same but the recording was done over completely from scratch because I'm putting out an album this summer. The drums were performed by a guy named Aaron Apter and all the guitars and bass parts were performed by myself.

The original recording was done with zero focus on quality or performance .. it was just done for me, to write the song. This one will be put out on the album which is in the mixing phase now... and I'm a pretty big newbie when it comes to audio engineering so some input on my mixing would be very much appreciated.


If you want me to listen to one of your tunes in return (crit for crit etc.) I'd be happy to. Just link me and I'll take a listen when I have a chance.

Edit: oh since this is what's going out to be mastered .. be harsh .. be really really really harsh.
As a whole, I REALLY enjoyed this track. I have just a few small criticisms of things that stood out to me... First of all, the bass drum needs to be turned up a little bit or the bass guitar down a little bit, the bass guitar over powers the bass drum. In the beginning of the song, the cymbal "hits" sound really, and I mean REALLY bad. They sound out of place and the cymbal tones do not compliment the guitar part very well. The rolls on the other hand sound very good. Try not to have him use the brushes on the crashes or use double sided sticks (mallets on the back end) to do rolls.

Other than those little things, I loved this track and I would be interested to hear much more of your work.
Well im no pro with mixing, but i heard this track before, and thought it was excellent. Now, with everything in it, it just sounds better.

First of all, the intro is perfect really, with the drums behind it, and when the first distorted part comes in, it works great, maybe turn down the drums a little, as well as the lead, as it overwhelms the rest of the track, but not too much, so it should work like this too.

Btw, i love the lead, great tone, good phrasing, and good licks.

Love the way everything stopped for a moment.

The lead actually ends up drowning out the drums almost, so maybe turn things up to match the lead, or the lead down to the match the song.

I loved it though, im putting this on my ipod fo'sho.

crit for crit?
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Pretty sweet. The intro is subtle yet keeps interest. The lead solo is nice, great tone. I might suggest lowering the lead's tone just a bit, but that's pretty minor. Basically the only other thing I would suggest is to spice it up with some unexpected touches like harmonics or a drumroll here or here - just to keep it interesting. But still, overall, good job

Crit for crit?