I did this a while ago, but added another track to it today so I was just wondering what you think. And yeah, I'm not sure about the echo in the chorus, but I didn't save the multitrack file, so I guess I'm stuck with it for now.

Crit for crit.


"Vindicated - D.C"
Hey thanks man, I've enjoyed your writing for some time now too .

The tab is on UG,


Is the one I used.

I stuck my $5 keyboard in the last chorus, the rest of the single notes in the background were just my acoustic guitar with some chorus and echo to give it a bit of a distinctive sound.

Thanks for the comment though man, appreciate it and glad you liked it.
This is really good. The quality of the recording in some spots is kinda annoying. I enjoyed this cover a lot though. Everything seemed clean cut and well done. Impressive vocals as well. Sorry this crit is kind of short but I have nothing but positive things to say.
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