Right now i am working on the first solo of Money by PINK FLOYD,
It isnt's too hard but to do it right wil take some time..

I have a Gibson epipone with a Line 6 212 amp W/ flange/delay/phaser/reverb/etc..
i am not trying to copy Mr gilmour's tone but i sure wish i could get a "BIGGER THEN LIFE SOUND" (thats what i call it)
In the solo i hear..... little distortion with flange maybe delay?
how do you set up for it?
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1. It's an Epiphone. Not a Gibson.
2. Don't post you e-mail on a public board.
3. A Line6 Spider is NEVER going to sound like Gilmour.
^it's true you'll never get his sound with humbuckers and a spider, but effects wise he uses compression and delay.
and lots of reverb. makes it sound big.
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I think it was something like: Strat (single coils!) + Fuzz Face + Fender Twin Reverb in the studio, might be some reverb/delay in it

the second solo uses a different guitar because it has a couple of more frets in it

Mr Gilmour likes a lot of mids and treble on his EQ.
What i got so far
(for spider 2 owners) Blues RED , drive 10 bass 3 mid tre.10 flange and delay 1/4 ,reverb 2
(i would put reverb higher but my playing room is too small and dont sound quit right.