Ok so I do GCSE music, and we're doin this composing/songwriting thing.......I've written an albums worth of lyrics at least, but I like these the best. Feel free 2 critisize and suggest improvements.
Here ya go:

Time?s got me feelin? somehow,
Things are better off this way,
But the rain on my window,
Just don?t feel the same, anymore,
It?s hard for me to describe,
The way you must feel inside,
But I know and fear for you,
And it?s hard to decide this time,

But I?ll carry on,
Just like another day,
?Cause I can?t keep ?cryin,
Cryin? over summer rain,
But I?ll carry on,
Just like another day,
?Cause I can?t keep ?cryin,
Cryin? over summer rain,

Call me old fashioned,
But I?m just another man,
I?ve got my problems,
But Time?s got my plan,
I can?t tell the future,
But I can read the past,
Life is a precious gift,
It just slips by so fast,

So I?ll carry on,
Just like another day,
?Cause I can?t keep cryin?,
Cryin? over summer rain,
Carry on,
Just like another day,
And I can?t keep cryin?
Cryin? over summer rain,

If you said that there was,
No clouds left in the sky,
I could tell you,
It?s just another lie,
There?s one thing we all want in life,
But I guess we just can?t choose,
I guess that?s just the way it is,
There?s nothing left to loose,

So I?ll carry on,
Just like any other day,
Cause I can?t keep cryin?,
For the things that slipped away,
Just carry on,
Like it?s just another day,
Dry these tears wipe away these fears,
Stop the cryin? over,
Summer rain!
Think this would make a nice little ballad with guitar comp or maybe some piano. Chorus works alright but I think you could work a bit more on the first and third verse, add some more depth, to me they seem more like "fillers" atm. I stongly like the second verse though, makes more sense and flows better in my ears although I dunno your melody.
Good thing that you altered the chorus a bit in the end but rhyming fears/tears sounds bit too much cliché
Wow... Ever heard of november rain???
its pretty good, try to edit the parts that sound sappy.
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I like it lyrically how it is. I would make it some sort of acoustic folk song if I were you. Kind of like james taylor or jim croce.