Hello... Thought I post this here. This is a really wierd question, and a really wierd thread, and I really don't know how many times this has been posted up but anyway...

This past month it seems like I reached a "plateau" in my playing. As in I don't seem to be getting better, and I don't think I'am doing very well in anything concerning guitar. I'am always inspired but when I pick up the guitar, and start to play it seems as if my skills have gone down, and I've seen no improvment. I even have a terrible case of writers block. About ten minutes ago I was doing some chromatic scales on a metronome, and then I was practicing sight reading, and I was doing horrible. I really don't know what's wrong. I have so many things I want to play, but then I don't know where to start. I honeslty have no idea what I'am doing... Maybe I need a set a scheduale? Then again I get scrwed up on what todo... And lately everyone seems better then me, and I feel that all the emo ppl with their little simple chords are getting much more credit.

Any advice on what to do or words of wisdom? Any similar experiance?
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i know exactly how you feel, im stuck in a sort of limbo between bass and guitar. i get no credit for my bass playing, and i can't seem to earn any on guitar. i play in a couple bands but i'm never the one to write the songs, the good ones anyway. i gave up hope on myself and decided that id do vocals for a while, i dunno. i'm just sayin i know how ya feel. sorry if i didnt hekp any.
get some books and/or DVD's to help with your playing
Learn some songs
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get some books and/or DVD's to help with your playing
Learn some songs

That, and learn some simple chord songs to get credit. Seriously, though shredding may be more fun to do, basic songs are more fun to listen to.
A good way to get inspired is to practice with someone else, wether it be in a band or just 2 or 3 of you. About a year ago I thought that I was stuck in a rut with Drumming and I realize now that I wasn't, I was just slowing down from the rapid learning I was doing. That isn't to say that I stopped learning, I just understood the elaborations of the instrument and understood where everything, musically came from.
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First of all, I'd advise you to just have a look through a number of threads right
on this very page and in Guitar and Bass Basics because it gets covered over and
over and over and ... again....

Everything goes in cycles and guitar is no exception.

I really don't want to repeat what I've said a million times already. But, if
you aren't making progress, it may be time to take a look at what you're doing.
And above all, HOW you're practicing. The real key for making constant, steady
and sometimes insane progress all the time, is learning how to practice.
What helps me is listening to inspiring music (for me that would be stuff like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Pantera, Porcupine Tree, and Shinedown) I don't play I just listen and also what might help is doing what someone else posted and play along with some other musicians
I would say that you need to do something different, not just practice and other guitar's stuff routine. Try to learn a song that is a little a more harder that you used to. Learn a new technique, new theory, everything that have a little improvement on you should keep you playing.
diversify the type of music youre listening to... get into different genres and such. also, learn songs but not just any songs... songs that are tough that once youve learned them they will help improve your technique and skill.
As well as diversify music, try to compose on a pc package gike Guitar Pro, rather than on guitar-this way structures can be worked out differently and other instrument sounds can inspire. I also turned to alternate tunings a lot for inspiration.. in std tuning the guitar oftern feels very generic and unexciting to me..a different tuning eg open EbMajor makes you create lush sounds easily-check out Michael Hedges for some fresh guitar playing.

I also now have the 'problem' of too many things to play..just set realistic goals of songs to play and stick to them.
Thanks for all your help.
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