Im trying to decide between the Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60DFX and the Behringer GMX212
they are both roughly the same price, and both get fantastic reviews. The behringer is louder but from what I hear the H+K has fantastic tone compared to other SS amps.
Therein lies my choice that I cant quite seem to make on my own.

I play a little everything, but for the most part hard rock and metal (ozzy, sabbath, maiden, megadeth). I am not too worried about the distortion tone, however, as my distortion pedal will cover that part.

Can anyone tell me what they think of the above choices? Please no "save more and get a tube amp" as it's mainly just between these 2 amps.

any feedback is appreciated

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I have the Hughes and Kettner Edition Blue 30R and its pretty nice. My friend has that Behringer and I love the sound he gets, but I heard they arent made that well anymore.