I've just made a big ****ing idiot mistake!

I put .11-.49 guage strings on a guitar that usually has .9-.42 guage strings on, as a result, the bridge has gone way out, ****ing up my intonation. The reason why: D'Addario and their stupid ****ing string package colours being similar! (.11-.49 string packages being a dark sort of purple and .9-.42 packages being a lighter purple)

What can I do, apart from getting some new strings (Ive tried tightening the springs, but its impossible to tighten them any more) also, won't my truss rod need adjusting?

I'd really not want to change the strings agian, due to the gruelling task of replacing strings with a Edge Pro Bridge and I dont want to waste an otherwise perfectly fine set of strings.
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Add another spring in the cavity. If you don't have another one, go to your local guitar-related shop.
My guitar came with an extra spring for the floyd. That's about the only way to do it unless you want to go back to your normal string gauge. You shouldn't need to adjust your truss rod though.
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If you went to a guitar shop and the person behind the counter handed them to you, take the guitar in and demand that they set it up. They gave you the wrong strings, so they should fix it.

However, if you grabbed the strings yourself, you're the one responsible.

I'd say just go get a new pack of strings. Messing with the truss rod without knowing what you're doing can cause irreversible damage. It's better to just leave it alone if possible. Plus, new strings are only a few bucks.
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happened to me too. but i took the hard way, and removed most of them (the only ones that where 9s on mine is the E, and A). Still was a pain in the ass tho. Was such a noob on these edge pro bridges....
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