OK, I finally got my Bas in tune , but now the e-string buzzes. My bridge setting are already high, and my truss was adjusted to have a slight c shape had that done professionally, and yet the buzzing persists. The only thing I can think of now is im playing to hard. Is that whats up or do I need to adjust something else?
do u have many different kinds/brands of string on one guitar?
This is what you get.
This is what you get.
This what you get when you mess with us.
I suggest you find out which fret is causing the buzz.

1. Play as you would normally.
2. Play an E with the 1st fret being pressed on If you still hear buzzing carry on to step 3.
3. Play the 2nd fret on the E, if there still some buzzing carry on...
4. Keep playing going from fret 3 up to 19 or whatever and when the buzzing stops, you know its the fret youre on thats causing the buzz.

Solution:- If you've altered the neck it already, you can replace the fret with a new one, sometimes there are little bumps in them. Or you could raise the action some more, but that could hinder playing. Or file the fret down, this last one is probably the easiest.

Actually, I just realised is your playing method could by wrong.

When you press on a fret, hit the centre of it and press hard! You can get awful buzzing by fingering the wrong parts of frets.

Hope I've been a help.
what's happening is that your action is at a level where holding one note will cause your string to slightly touch another fret, creating a buzz. Mess with your action until every fret is working individually.
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okay, you could be plucking downward on the e string causing it to hit a fret and buzz, and since it's the largest string, it's the only one that shows your poor technique. I used to have this problem, so i made sure that i wasn't plucking the string downward (towards the neck/body).
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Its my form. I think someone metioned pressing the string towards the neck. Thats it sometimes i strum it so lightly that I actually pressed it down when I pluck it. I will consider filing my frets because that sounds liek a reaosnable solution if it ocntinues.