This is an amazing band I stumlbed upon a few weeks ago... I cant stop listening to them, I hear they are INCREDIBLE live. Their singer is so amazing and the music is flawless.

Listen to all 4 of thier tracks on myspace before judging them, I cant stop listening to that song "Dont kid yourself, you need a physician", all the other songs on thier myspace are also great.


If anybody knows any other bands that sound like these guys Id love to know about them...

EDIT: wow i jsut realized i spelt their name wrong in the thread title, i suck!
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I think you probably read the same blogs as me.
I'm quite into 'em at the moment. I love the song you mentioned and 'A Great Wind, More Ash' too. I think they're quite similar musically to Sufjan Stevens (But you've probably heard of him already, right? If not, begone, you swine!) and maybe Jack's Mannequin a little bit too....I dunno, maybe I'm imagining that.
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You are the man.
i just got their album today and i like what i hear

definately album of the year beside the format-dog problems (imo)

hey strat... i just notice that we both have a say anything qoute in are sigs...thats awesome
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I absolutely love them. I have seen them at a local college twice and it was truly amazing both times. Someone made a thread on them a while back but they deserve to be heard more. All of their cds/eps are great. They are all super nice people too.
Hey! They're playing about 10 minutes from me on June 10th and 24th. I may have to check that out, they seem like a good band.
^Mac's Bar in Lansing. Apparently they're a Michigan band because they're playing this thing called the Sonic Day Festival at Mac's that's comprised entirely of bands from Michigan.
'A Holiday At The Sea' is an awesome song, check it out.

from daylight...
...into darkness
they're awsome!
the harmonies and.. and.. all those vocal layers make me wanna cry :|
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Their horn players will be making an appearance on the new mewithoutYou album, so I had a brief wim to get as much of their stuff as possible, but I haven't really listened to much of it yet. Are they not REALLY religious what with all the capital Him and what not? I guess based on this thread I should look make the effort. And new mwY YAY!!!can't wait.
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