Hey y'all,

I have recently tried out the Marshall JCM2000 DSL401 combo, priced at 950 bucks.

It rocked my world.

But I have one question...

What is the difference between this and the JCM800 combos? Are the JCM800s still made? How much do they go for?

I want a GN'R-esque kinda tone, I already have a Les Paul Standard.


Oh and, DO NOT suggest any other amps. I want a Marshall and would very much like to remain narrow minded.
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They curruntly only make a reissue of the one channel 100W JCM800 head (2203 or 2204, can't remember which is 100 and which is 50W)

you're going to have to go used to get a combo. The models are

single channel: 4010, 4103, 4104

2 channel (with some diodes adding a bit to the clipping, which is not that much of a bad thing since Slash's Jubilees are prettymuch the same) + reverb + FX loop: 4210, 4211, 4212

expect to get one from $500 to $1000 on Ebay or any other such used place
Oh hey there neighbor!

So, how would you go about getting a JCM800 in these parts of our world? I don't have an account on eBay and am a bit skeptic about most of the stuff on there not having return policies.

That and the postage for a 60 lbs amp would be a mother.
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"Ooh! Straight-jackets online! Christmas sorted."
If you want a GnR tone I suggest you get a JCM900 before the 800 or 2000. They are more like the Jubilee's that Slash uses. Or you can buy a Jubilee or the 2210 or 2205 versions (and combo's) of the JCM800. JCM900's are easier to find and less expensive as well
Actually, I've done quite a lot of research to get Slash's tone. The 2000 is the closests to his 2555 sig amp without needing any pedals or mods. Given i used his pickups through a large massed mahogony guitar, i was able to nail exactly his tone through the 2000's lead 1 ultragain channel.

I say keep the DSL.
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I didn't buy it, I said it rocked my world because I'm now trying to scrape up some money anywhere I can to finally buy an all tube amp, it's a blasphemy to play a Gibby Les Paul through *brace yourselves* a MG15DFX.

But yeah, that DSL combo sounds really nice.

Oh and don't base your responses on the fact that I said I want GN'R kinda tone, I don't really want to copy anyone, it's just a loose pointer as to where I'm from.

Can any of these two get good Led Zeppelin tones?
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"Ooh! Straight-jackets online! Christmas sorted."
^I think so. I have a JCM800 4210 combo, wich i can really nail GNR tones and Zep tones. Also a two channel JCM900 (like the 4100) is very mcuh like a two channel JCM800.
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