Better solo or in Velvet Underground? I'm torn on this issue because I love Transformer but I also like cd's like White Light/ White Heat, what do you think he was better as?
Lou Reed is an all encompassing awesome.

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Well, there are many stages of Lou Reed. The ****ed up John Cale influenced Lou of Velvet Underground and Nico and Whit Light/White Heat. Then Came straight rock Lou between The Velvet Underground, Loaded and his early solo career such as Transformer. Then came poetic Lou of the late 70's up til now. My favourite is the second one.
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I love that album, mainly because Mick Ronson is on it and does some great stuff.
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Lou Reed never put out anything that wasn't good, until the early eighties. Then he, like many, lost it. Only few really survived the 80's (Peter Gabriel and David Bowie to name a couple, who arguably put out their greatest records in the 80's). Anyway,

Lou Reed was great with the Velvet Underground, and the early VU stuff is far from acessable. Avant-Garde was the dominant force, which means lots of focked up ****e. I'm personally partial to "Loaded" and "White Light/White Heat", with "The Velvet Underground & Nico" in 3rd - but the solo stuff is excellent to. So many great albums like Transformer, The Blue Mask, and even the more recent "The Raven" I thought was good.

So Lou Reed solo vs. The Velvet Underground you ask?

The Velvets, because they never churned out any pappy crap like Lou eventually did. Metal Machine Music wasn't a "statement", it was a focking godawful record.