Today marks my 4th year playing guitar and while I have learned the notes, scales, chords, some basic theory, etc. I still haven't found out what type of music I want to play. I've spent god knows how much money on different effect pedals to help figure it out but I still don't know. I've tried metal but decided it wasn't for me, I've tried ska, that was fun but still not quite me, alt. rock but, college rock, etc. and it seems that none of it clicks with me. Does anyone else get this feeling every so often?
I've been playing for 13 years. The day i picked up a guitar is the day i wanted to play the blues. Just me, my guitar and amp, no pedals or effects.
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no, i enjoy classic metal and hair metal as much and more as the next guy
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its not bad, in fact its kinda good, now you know a variety of music and u can use everything and mix it all together. For example, I do this quite often when im trying to cool down after a long day of practicing with the band, take a jazz aproach to something. Yesterday we took the song sweet child o mine and instead of using the simple, D, C, G, we did jazz chords and did D7, C7, G7. Sounded really cool. or you can mix all of them together and make ur original sound.

Sorry if it sounded like I didnt know what I am talking about but i tried
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try classic rock. it just clicked with me. it seemed so...right.
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I keep coming right back to folk rock haha....Can't do a thing about it.

It's just fun to play for me.
I'm into atmospheric music - what I'd like to know is, what music have you been listening to? For a little while I was changing my favourite genre of music because I kept getting exposed to lots of different types. I suppose this could be your problem - otherwise it's just that you haven't heard anything that truly inspires you yet.