Hey Everyone. I'm not looking for another acoustic. I love the one I have now. I'm just curious about what I can do to reach the full potential of the guitar or upgrade it? I know on an el;ectric you can get better pickups and such but what about an acoustic. It doesnt have a preamp so I plan on making it acoustic-electric but what else can I do? Thanks
You could improve the quality of the material for the Nut, Saddle and Bridge Pins depending on what they are now obviously. Maybe change the tuners.

Don't forget, if it's a solid top it's going to sound better and better anyway
Mmhm great ideas guys. Whats the best material one can have for the nut and pins. Bone? Ivory?
I think after plastic it comes down to taste mate. Different materials will result in different tones.
Ok so I did a little research and found the materials but nowhere explains them. I found bone and ivory which some sites said to be similar in that they produce the ebst tone and least amount of wear. I also found Tusq which I know is on Taylors and is also good and I found Corian which is on Martins. I was already thinking of bone for my guitar for awhile but has anyone had expiriences with it or any of these?