Hello GG&A dwellers!

Look at my sig. That's the gear I have (excluding 3 acoustics). I've also got the following cables:

-Gig Lines Right-Straight Chrome Tip
-Monster Cable ($20)
-Hosa Patch cable

What should I get for cables? I'm thinking $75 MAX for this area.

What do you guys and gals think about the MXR Phase 90? I'll probably just use it to expand my horizons in making original works.

What would you guys suggest for a capo? (I pronounce Kay-po) I'm looking for something that'll slide easily, but not too expensive. $20 MAX.

Any suggestions for some cool straps? I'll probably be buying two, one for my Tele copy and a Strat copy I'll be picking up sometime this week (will be for metal, for a hint).

Thanks for any and all comments, suggestions, etc!
Definitly get a MXR phase 90 great pedal and I have a Digitech DF-7 Distortion Factory best pedal ever.
look into some planet waves cables, theyre great cables, and they have these special springs on them that hold them into the guitar even better which is great if youre anything like me on stage.

EDIT: and levi straps are pretty cool
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and planet waves straps too. I have one of the JS series ones, and it looks mad cool. (and it's very comfortable). Levy's can be good, but I find them to be pretty expensive (for the good ones). If you're wild on stage, you might try the DiMarzio cliplok straps. Not too stylish, but they will not come off of your guitar. As for a capo, Keyser (sp?) makes good ones for ~$20, I'd look there if I were you.
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