if a classic rock band that still has all the members alive were to bring in a new guitarist, what band do you think it would be?
I think he's asking, "if a great classic rock band had to pick a guitarist from today to join their band, who would that new guitarist be"...so more or less, who's the best guitarist today who could play in a classic rock band?

My pick would have to be Hammet, although I should probably wait on that until the new Metallica album comes out, because St. Anger blew goats for quarters.
they're listening to RTL and MOP for inspirado this time and i think it's mainly Hetfield and Lars doing the writing again
no, i mean if a classic rock band had to find a new guitarist, what band would it be, not what guitarist...
well the guitarist would have to be Derek Trucks

the band that needs a new guitarist is skynyrd to freshen up a little bit.
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maybe if morse leaves deep purple, which is kinda possible they would need someone, like maybe, i dunno... cant think of anyone?
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Jack White.
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