Uh.. okay so I'm playing on my Peavey Triple XXX EFX and I suddenly notice a tapping-kind of sound. At first I think it's the standard tap from the Power Tabs program when you play the midi. But it sounded like it was coming from my headphones which were hanging from my chair. I checked to see that my headphones and PT weren't the issue and traced the sound to my amp. The tapping sound if very light and it goes away when ''Stand By'' is off. Also, it does not grow louder (volume doesn't change at all, actually) when Crunch is enabled nor in the Ultra Channel. Anyone have any idea what this sound might be?

Oh.. and this sound kinda reminds me of the cars in my garage cooling off after it's been for a drive.. except that the sound coming from my amp almost keeps a tempo whereas the cars do not.
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it could be your guitar, its called 60 cycle hum and its from your pickups. if you already know what that is then i have no idea.
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Could be my p'ups, but I didn't have anything running that I normally didn't have running.. and it's the first time they've done that. Also, if it were my p'up's, wouldn't channel switches effect the sound? Like I would assume the ultra channel would exacerbate the sound .. being that it was on the clean channel at the time.

Anyway if it is the hum 60 cycle.. how would I go about fixing it? Turning appliances off? Reground some things? Oh.. I actually have some of my body cavities uh.. can't think of the word.. but I have some copper around the cavities. Should I try to do the same thing with my pickup cavities? ..er.. I guess I should just for the hell of it.. but what else?
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Calm down.

I'm not saying it again.