I'm planning on getting a Peavey Valve King 112 (only tube amp I could hope to afford in the near future, but I'm intent on changing out the tubes for some JJ's) and I want an OD pedal to boost the gain. I read in another thread that the main choices for my budget are an Ibanez tubescreamer or a Boss SD-1, but the decision would depend on the tone I want.

My question: What is the difference in tone between a tubescreamer and an SD-1 (or any other inexpensive OD pedals you could recommend)?
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All those OD pedals are basically the same circuit, there's no major difference between them. Just try them out.
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^ they do sound a lot different, though.

The SD1 is kinda trebly, more for screaming lead, a la zakk wylde, the TS is a more smooth tone.

I have no idea about other OD's though, I'm not too well up on pedals.

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For a warm, smooth overdrive, go Tubescreamer.
Or, for a really nice, warm and natural tone you could look for a Boss OD-3, doesn't sound amazing by itself, but when boosting my Blues Driver (other OD pedal) it sounds orgasmic, is adds gain and volume, and sounds exactly how I want.
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