^^^^^Will i be able to achive metal sounds like metallica, avenged sevenfold, trivium, and guns n roses? is the sound a good quality? what are your thoughts on this amp? My gear is in my sig. is there another tube amp that cost around $1000 canadian ($900 american) that will let me get the metal sounds i want with still having a good clean channel where i can have nice sounding open chords.

thx in advance
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not to sound stupid but do combos sound as good as tubes?

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mesa everything pwns.

Even if it's not the sound your looking for.
Hmmm, I dunno.
Its on the fence for me, i played one the other day (nomad half stack, not sure of the exact wattage)
It was extremely versatile,
but it lakced the punch that the Carvins and Marshalls i had been playing had (ps JCM-2000 rock my socks)
the only reason i still have hope for them is taht
it was used, so maybe it was the tubes.
Certainly it will do all those sounds, but i cant say it will blow you away...
go try one and see if it has that "something" you want
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