Well, It's been a long time since I've been here. Truth is that I've been traveling around and have been very, very busy. I have, however, managed to scrap together two of my bands new songs into tab form via my portable. So, without further small-talk:

Gefallen, und Verdammung
Sorry dude, but it sounds like you want to sound EXACTLY like Necrophagist. I have to say, the songs were very good, but it just sounds like you guys were playing some Necrophagist songs that I haven't heard. Which isn't really bad thing, because it takes a lot talent to write and play songs like that. Very nice though. All I can say is to try to add some stuff to make it more original.
idd it sounded like a complete necrophagist ripoff. Not that the songs are bad though, i liked them, but they sound to similar to necrophagist.
like the other two people I have to add it does sound like necrophagist mabey diminished to b, but it just shows they are a big influence
am i the only one who thinks that these kinda songs are very jarring to the ear?
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