what do you need?

get a crate of strings
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hmmm i dont really know what i need... ive got a guitar and amp... i maybe could use a good pedal or two. maybe a new pickup (since ive got epiphone stock pickups...) i dont know...?
see how many picks $100 will get you. then send them all to me.
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Quote by Funky P
what do you need?

get a crate of strings

1 of each size and brand so you can use and then review every single one in detail so we can stop getting so many got damned "WHICH STRINGZ LAWLZ!?" threads.
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A case?
Guitar care supplies?
A new strap?
New pickup(s)?
Strings/picks/cables etc?
Effects Pedal(s)?
New speaker(s)?
New tube(s)? (If applicable)
A Stand?
Recording software?
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I say buy a nice EQ pedal. You get more versitile tones and stuff.

Here's one from BOSS:


You could also shell out 39 more dollars and get the "Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde Ultimate Overdrive". I hear it's awesome.

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Epiphone Valve Junior HEAD. That is, if you have a cab lying around somewhere....

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