So, I wanted to get my hair braided. I wanted to inquire about that, maybe some of you girls may know, or maybe some guys can help me too.

I wanted to get braids cuz i had long hair, plus it would be a change i guess. So here goes. 1- Where do i get my hair braided?? should i go to like one of those african-american barber shops or something??? and 2- How much would it cost? and 3- How would you wash your hair?? and 4- Should i even get em, is it worth the hassle??


Should i just get Dreadlocks?? If so, then how do i get my hair in dreads?? and if i do dread my hair, do i have to completely shave it off just to go back to normal, or is there a way your can undread it back so you can go back to having long hair again?

The questions of life.
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dreads are forever. you gotta shave your head or wait till it grows out more.
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the get annoying after a while. little peices of hair stick out and its impossible to get them back in. and so to keep the fly-aways down you have to use a ton of gel. but since they are kind of hard to wash, the gel gets all weird, so i would say no to the braids but i dont know anything about dreds

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yea, but see you can't get rid of the dreads unless you have to shave your head, whilst you can just go back to normal if you want to by unbraiding your hair.
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Dreads are sick. You realize a dreadlock is just a matted clump of dirty hair, right?

You want dreads? Don't wash your hair anymore. Swim in the ocean, too, because salt water helps clump it.

I advise against it, though, as they smell.

thats not true, you should google it or something, but lots of people keep their dreads very clean, you have to wash them with special shampoo so they keep tight and they are apparently a b*tch to dry ( if you dont dry them thoroughly u get that insane mould ) . but if you want dreads i hear they take a fair bit of maintenance for the first few months, so keep that in mind
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