Ive finally desided on the next guitar i want, the Squire M-80. Double humbucker, comes in black, good for my first metal guitar. Ive tried it out and i like it but im jsut an amatuer and would like the opinion's of the masters in the UG forums. So can anyone help?
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*prepares for squir hater onslaught*

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Looks pretty interesting, a PRS-copy style, seems like...

If it's what you want, go for it, but don't buy anything you haven't played, especially in the lower price bracket.
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i own a standard Squire fat strat,which has never failed once, admittingly i did replace all the pick ups with new ones but apart from that theres nothing wrong with them.

Actually going to Teleprompters statement i was thinking about getting an Ibanez RG of some sort because ive only heard good things about them RG for sure?!?
ok i've looked into a ton of stuff about the m-80 because i think im gonna buy 1 as my second guitar(my first is just a 99 buck pile) and according to everything i've looked into, including consumer reports and replies, the m-80 is like the best thing from squire you could get. its designed by the head customs shop guy, and gets very high ratings. Yes it would be a very good metal guitar especially for an amateur, but dont forget it still has all the possibilites for pretty much any style of guitar, you just need a really nice amp....there i said it.
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it looks ok but a rg321 would be better
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well i guess if you are into metal more than anything, you might want to go with the ibanez, but it might cost more(didn't really look into it). in my opinion the wine satin finish on the m-80 is alot cooler than just black but once again metal is more into darker stuff so yeah
Me fail English? That unpossible!

Check out the Squiers at Overstock.com before you buy. They have some grrreat deals. If I hadn't already bought so many Gtars this year I would buy one from them.

I never played one, but for that price, I'd rather buy an epiphone, or maybe an ibanez. I once owned a Squier, and it was only okay. The epi SG, (399$) is the same price, and it plays very well.
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I'm guessing that it'm mostly kids who post here. I'm a mature adult male. I read more crap here that was thrown out without giving a thought. Think first, then post. This is bestter that that and all that. How does anone know how a guitar plays unless they have some experience with that guitar?
I don't really like the feel of Ibanezes. I'd personally go for a Schecter, but that's only my personal preference.
schecter omen 6.


$299. they even have one for $239 blem'd. probably the best steal out there.

the stock pup's are much better. finish is great. sustains well. basswood body.
and has the look ur looking for.

the squier m-80 is discontinued for a reason. im a squier fan for some of their starters. but u already have a starter.

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I've never seen/played one but I know lower end Squires have really crappy electronics. I personally would go with the RG. But I saved up for a MIM Strat and I love it.

I've heard good things about the Omen 6 as well.