I Was Listening To Some Pantera When I Came Across A Technique That I Have Never Noticed. In The Song Phsycho Holiday(i'm Sure Its In Some Others Too), There Was This Weird Sound That I Cant Figure Out How Its Made. Help Please. I Dunno If It Was Heavy Feedback Or A Divebar Or Something Else But It Is Used When He Changes From Riff To Riff In Some Of His Solos. Check It Out And If You Know What It Is, Post It. Thanx
don't capitalize every word.

and do you mean the harmonic squeal things? describe it a bit more, its hard to tell what you're talking about.
it is not a harmonic it sounds deeper and like he is breaking something on his guitar, listen to the song tho.
Methinks it's just a divebomb?
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Somebody already posted the link people...
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You probably can but you will have to re-tune your guitar after if it doesnt have a floyd rose or something like that.