Okay, I really want to start recording some of my stuff on my PC. I am thinking about Micing up my line 6 amp ( yes i like how the amp sounds ). I need to help on what gear to buy.

I was thinking of this

and i am thinking about this
to mic up my amp and vocals.

Would i also need a program?
Or is it better to get a toneport, blackbox, zoom g2.1u, etc.

Thanx, also i wouldnt want anything thats pricey.. thanx
A Vocal mic wont work, you need a condensor mic.

I suggest the Shure SM57, goes new for $90 and a free t-shirt too.
You don't need a condensor mic, the Shure SM57 is a dynamic mic.

Look at the different outputs of the amp for any possibility of direct recording.

If you are going to mic it then a Shure SM57 is decent and the standard for today.
wait wtf?

You say you need a condenser mic and yo urecomend a dynamic mic

But the bit about hte sm57 is good, it'll be good with micing up your amp, but depending on your voice it may not sound amazing with vox, but it'll still cut it.