I've heard alot about these guitars so I figured since Im saving up for a good guitar Im gonna try em out. I was wondering what can these things play? Do they have a thin neck? Any models to try out? I play metal(Metallica, Ozzy, Maiden, Sabbath....That type of stuff), Classic Rock, Funk, Blues, and a bit of Jazz and Country. Will these guitars suit my style? Gear in sig.

Thanks in advanced
PRS makes pretty well rounded guitars as far as style goes. Personally if I saved up the dough to buy one of those I'd probably go get a Les Paul or a Jackson Soloist, but that's just me. And if I were you I'd go out and try it before saving up for it, it'd be pretty pointless to save up for anything, especially something that expensive, and not like it once you get it.
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Will a PRS fit your style?
They're some of the most versatile guitars around.
They are designed using features from Fenders and from Gibsons.
The unique combination gives you the best of both worlds.

You can get excellent tone with both distortion and clean.

Downside, pricey. Might look into the SE series. They're not as great as the PRS line, but they're still damn good.
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PRS guitars are great, although they are vastly overpriced IMO.
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They're good for everything artist ranging from Blues and Jazz to Country to Rock and Metal use PRS's.

Now their necks are the biggest things around, makes Gibson's necks feel small.
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