Okay...even after lookin at some guitar tablature explained website, i still dont get how to differentiate from Natural harmonics and artificial...or how to do them. Also are pinch and artificial harmonics the same...if not whats the difference?
same damn question i keep doin natural harmonics cause i dont have time to fiddle around with my pick till its all angled right and i think it makes a pretty decently comparable sound as long as i do it right, but im not sure if it is in fact wrong
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huge difference between natural harmonics and pinch harmonics. If u play metal learning how to do pinch harmonics is worth the time. And yes artificial harmonics and pinch harmonics are the same thing.
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A natural harmonic is when you take your fretting finger and place it just on the string, not p ushing hard enough to actually fret it. Try it on the twelfth fret.
An artificial harmonic (also known as a "Pinch" harmonic) is when you fret the note, and use the thumb on your picking hand to touch the string.
so with a natural...are u supposed to push down on the string some so its muted or just touch it so it makes a chime noise

and with pinch do i touch a fret of between the pickups?
So that it chimes. Push down gently with your finger right over the fret wire, without actaully touching the fret wire. Pick the string and simultaniously release your finger.

That 'bell' type sound you hear is the harmonic.
Take a look at this lesson by PickNGrin, it explains all you need to know about harmonics.

Natural Harmonic = note made when you hold your finger just touching the string over a fret. Often called a chime. They work best at the 12th frets but also try the 7th and 9th frets

Artifical + Pinch harmonics are the same thing. They involve forcing the guitar to make a harmonic. Basic expanation is you pick a note and as you pick it, touch the string with your picking hand thumb. Makes a kinda squealing sound.
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