Im looking for a good quality tube amp around 40-50 watts that has really good built in distortion. I was looking at orange amps, but the pricetag is a little high. any suggestions?
what's your price range? you're not going to find a decent tube amp with that much power very cheaply...

at that much power will be REALLY loud BTW
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A used Orange amp?

Go and try a load out, see what you like.
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I know the Orange amps are very popular here in Denmark, but I've never tried one myself...

What genres do you play and what sound are you looking for?
vox AC30 maybe?

i know its less than what u sed but 50 watts is very loud for tube. i played an ac30 and it is way loud enough.

but if you really want 50 watts then maybe try out some marshall JCMs or orange
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